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A private counsellor offering non-judgemental therapy.

Read my testimonials from previous and current clients

Shortly before I began speaking to Harinder I was at the lowest point in my life; stuck in a job that I knew I didn’t like even though I told myself I did as it was all I knew and surrounded by people who brought up painful memories of the past whenever I saw them. I tried for so long to push through all the problems I was dealing with and it led me towards self harming and eventually trying to kill myself.


I’ve been speaking with Harinder for just over three months and she has helped me to overcome and realize my problems whereas before I was unable to do either. I’ve gone in such a short span of time from the lowest point in my life to potentially the most exciting and I could not have done this without her help. Because of Harinder I now wake up in the morning excited that every step I now take I am improving myself little and it is all thanks to her. The positivity and support she has shown me throughout the last three 3 months has been beyond words, to quote her own words as to why I feel as if she is so effective in this is because she actually “gives a shit.” Going from a complete stranger that knew nothing about me to now already having earned herself an invitation to my future wedding you would be making, I believe, the worst decision of your life if you chose not to contact her if you were feeling at your lowest.


One final point I wanted to mention was at the time of writing this there is a story available on the Reading Chronicle website about a man in his thirties who has been floating in the Thames. It gave me the stark realization that this was almost me. I was standing on the Caversham footbridge with a heavy rucksack and anything I could find to tie myself to it so I would’ve gone under the water and not come back up. I reached out to friends who led me to Harinder and because of her not only did I change my mind about ever wanting to go back to that bridge but I am now finally excited to see where the future takes me. This is all because of her.

26 Year old male

When I first contacted Harinder I was unsure of what to expect. After our first conversation on the phone I felt completely at ease and comfortable as though I was speaking to a friend! When I attended my first session I was sceptical about what I would gain from it, I had admittedly had my doubts as to whether or not seeing a therapist would even work. I can honestly say that after attending a few sessions it most certainly does work! Harinder was amazing, she was friendly, welcoming and just made me feel like my thoughts and feelings were valid. I would most definitely recommend therapy and would recommend Harinder 100%! 

Harinder has been a great help, getting me through the last few months. I started at rock bottom without any thought of the future and where to turn. Her approach was to not only listen but to talk to me, becoming a friend and helping me see that I am a nice person with a future. I now feel I have a future which is bright and has allowed me to move on and upwards. What may appear to be the obvious to others is not when you are in the middle of your own situation, Harinder helped me to see this in a step-by-step approach that allowed me to start to heal. Many years ago I was in a similar situation and the counselling I had then did not help, this was mainly due to the lack of positive interaction with the counsellor, this is definitely not the case with Harinder. I am so grateful for her help and recommend anyone to contact her for her pragmatic honest counselling which really helps, making you feel valued. Thank you Harinder

62 year old Male

At the start of my journey I was full of lots of negative emotions. I thought anxiety was the main problem. It was a real big hold up on my life, and I was looking to escape every single day. One if the best decisions I ever made was to contact Harinder. I sometimes couldn't even leave my house and avoided so much in life, which held my family up through my fears. But by meeting Harinder whose infectious positivity, I left feeling every session like my batteries were fully charged for the days and weeks ahead. There was light shining through and I came out the other side. I am now living a normal happy life with my friends and family. With Harinder's honest approach with the straight up truth and no judgement along with the tools that she has given me to live this life I will forever be grateful for. Who ever you are and if your reading this, please pick up the phone, email or message her. With a bit of commitment you will come out the other side. Thank you Harinder  
I have been seeing Harinder for just over 6 Months now and I have seen so much progress. I had real issues with nerves throughout lockdown and would often feel overwhelmed, especially outside of my own home. Harinder has shown me how much I was holding myself back by expecting to fail and has massively helped me with my self-belief and looking at the situation from afar, rather than being stuck in my own head. I feel I have started to regain my old self, and I cannot thank Harinder enough for her continuous support. 


Back in 2021 I was in a very dark place. I felt so low, depressive and isolated. I didn't know why I felt this way and had no idea how to help myself out of it. I felt lost.
Then I met Harinder, who asked the right questions and listened to me. Within a few sessions I believe she identified why I felt so awful and gave me the courage to act on it. I am in such a better place now and look forward to every new day thanks to her. 

'When I first decided to seek counselling, I was very specific with the type of counsellor I wanted. I chose Harinder because there were topics I wanted to cover with someone who could understand from a cultural standpoint. I also enjoyed her positivity on our first contact.


After attending my sessions with Harinder in the space of 6 months, I am so pleased I chose her to be my counsellor. She has provided me with the awareness and the tools which I was seeking and also beyond that as well. She is patient and kind and she truly attunes to what you are sharing with her. I feel like a different person to who I was when I first started working with Harinder and I will always be grateful for that. Counselling is a hard process but Harinder made it easier with her skills and empathy. Thank you so much for all that you have helped me with Harinder.' 

Harinder has really helped me throughout the last few months. I came into our first session feeling overwhelmed and stressed by everything that I was feeling. She helped me to break down those feelings into small building blocks. From there things got better I was able to use the tools Harinder had given me in any situation. It helped to know there was always someone to talk to. I would definitely recommend Harinder to everyone. Sometimes just talking to someone about how your feeling helps. 

I was very unsure about picking up the phone and I was delighted to hear a warm friendly voice at the end of the phone. Immediately I was put at ease. During our session I found confidence again. The only thing you have to lose is £50 and you might be able to gain so much more. 


I'm a 15 year old boy. For the past 2ish years I didn't see a point in living, I was living for the sake of other people and not because I wanted to be alive. Every time I went into a dark space and I felt closer to giving up. The most upsetting thing was seeing how it effected my mum, with me at such a young age not wanting to be here anymore. But then about 8 weeks ago my mum set me up an appointment with Harinder and from the first session she had changed me and made me realise I have a reason to wake up and live my life. I had had labels put on me by CAHMS and Harinder had ripped them off and made me feel good abut myself, but the main thing about Harinder is she doesn't just fix you, she changes you forever. She's the best Counsellor out there and she actually cares about you.

When I first called Harinder, I had lost sight of who I was and was living to please others. After each session, I left feeling slightly lighter and more hopeful of the future ahead of me. Through opening up and discussing what I have been through I am now at a place where I know who I am and can now move on from my past as an empowered, healed person. The tools Harinder has given me will forever make me a stronger person. I cannot thank her enough.

16 year old female

Before my first session with Harinder I simply could not envisage getting out of the hole I was in, but thought in an optimistic world I might start recovering come the 6 month mark. I can genuinely say after session 1 I had made monumental progress. I was by no means 'fixed' after the first session, but Harinder proposed thoughts/ideas that I could just not think of myself. The thoughts Harinder shared really changed my entire outlook on the whole situation after day 1 and really gave my brain a rest. Pre the first session the negative thoughts were completely consuming (every minute of every day) and as the sessions went on (currently on 4 sessions, roughly 1 per week) I began to rationalise my thoughts and get that mental freedom I really needed. Before reaching out to Harinder I thought I knew everything about the situation and was very skeptical of counselling but felt desperate so thought I would give it a shot. I got 6 sessions thinking I would probably need to double that, but 4 in and can genuinely say I am nearly back to the old happy me. It was as simple as just letting Harinder share her expert thoughts. No judging, no comments just to make me feel better, it was just me sharing my thoughts/feelings and Harinder listening and providing her input which was beyond valuable. Toughest period in my life by a long way and booking the sessions with Harinder was the best decision I could ever have made. 

27 year old male


I was lucky enough to have met Harinder at the time when I needed her most. One of those spare of the moments of me taking action to get help, not putting it off, that call for help which I had put off for a long time. Most people have gym memberships, swimming passes, social circles that fulfil a moment of loneliness, but the void of self doubt kept niggling. So I took action and asked Harinder for help, to listen.


I have come away with a set of skills and reminders of what I can do, who I am and realised I had the answers but I needed to slow down and appreciate who I am. Harinder taught me what it feels like to truly be acknowledged, what it felt like to have someone who listened, not just to the surface stuff but the deep self doubt that I have carried around for years.


Counselling is something we should all have a pass for, as a reminder of self help and our own mental wellbeing. I certainly couldn't have felt more like me without her help. So if you're feeling lost I can assure you will be found at the end of your counselling journey.


I have stopped isolating myself and have become the person I have always been but forgot that I was. I now realise I am someone who I am proud of, I got the help and the advice from a professional, set in a relaxed atmosphere and now the tears have turned into smiles and self appreciation.


I cannot recommend Harinder enough and her ability to listen and change the way I thought about myself and situation.

Everybody needs a Harinder in their life.

There was a time when I thought I couldn't talk to anyone. But Harinder was there to listen and to help. During the sessions Harinder helped me to realise there was a solution to this situation and there was a way out of this problem. She helped me overcome my fears. 
Harinder has helped me like no other therapist has done before. I had suffered various bereavements, and two marriages that were both mentally and physically abusive along with rape. As a result I was suffering with post traumatic episodes, of anxiety attacks, shaking, physical pain, self harm and suicidal thoughts. My life was becoming shut down and I felt it wasn't worth living. After reaching out I committed to six sessions but after tackling some more difficult issues, I needed a break. Upon resuming, Harinder supported me through all of this with such a gentle but firm approach. I am now no longer feeling overwhelming urges to self harm and no longer tremble when talking about my past. 
Harinder told me at the beginning that you can heal from trauma and I didn't believe it was possible. I am now so grateful that I trusted her and went through the process. I am living proof that counselling does work if you put in the effort, it is so worth the investment

46 year old female


I would like it to be known that I am glad that I bit the bullet and made the decision to start speaking with Harinder. It was one of the first steps of getting things off my chest and start realising that its okay to be who I am and do what I do without having to fit in with everyone else 

I have or should I say was one of those people that was like I would never need a counsellor or ever get the stage of needing to talk to anyone else until I lost my mum. I think it's fair to say when you go through something traumatic and have family members going through the same thing you can't really talk to each other because for example me losing my mum is different to how my dad feels to losing his wife but you also look at things differently which cause heat and friction. Talking to Harinder has helped more than words can explain, through the first few days everything seemed a blur but Harinder has been there to help me see things more clearly, Harinder is not one sided and has helped me to look at things from a different perspective, Harinder has been able to tell me why I'm feeling how I am as well as being able to help me understand how I can manage these feelings. Harinder has been there for me day and night time and has always and still is at the end of the phone when ever I need her. Harinder has been there for me when I've needed to talk to someone as a listening ear but also when I've needed someone there to just hear a familiar voice. It has been a year and a half since I first started talking with Harinder and she is still available when I need her.

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