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Mental illness is often hidden away for fear of discrimination. It is time to break free of the stigma that you must have a mental health diagnosis to attend therapy.

Talking with a stranger really is therapeutic, and assisting you to overcome your fears is life changing. 

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I am incredibly passionate about helping you.  Therapy does not have to be hard or miserable, at Frontline Counselling I ask all my clients to be excited. Through our work together, you really can be free of all that is preventing you from living the life you want. 

I aim to provide my clients with tools that they can use when they are faced with situations that would normally cause fear or panic. 

I am an accredited member of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society.

I am based in Reading and am able to provide counselling either face to face or online, with the added benefit that my online clients can be located in any part of the UK.

Still not sure, then take a look at my testimonials from past and present clients and see what they say about their work with me. 

Being South Indian I have the added benefit of having the skills to deal with varying cultural challenges and limitations that might exist within this community. In addition I speak Punjabi as my second language. I am also lucky enough to work a lot with Autism and ADHD.

I am a wife and a mummy to three children. 

Being a carer and supporting people is what I do best. I really am here to help you.

Here are three testimonials from recent clients 

Speaking to Harinder has been one the best decisions I have ever made. She is very approachable, and creates a safe environment for you to share. What I love most about our sessions is her energy and the passion she has towards helping me and other clients. She has guided me in so many ways and I will be forever grateful.


After seeing Harinder for just over 2 months life has changed so much and all in a positive way . I now think of counselling as a safe space for me to share my life stories and thoughts with a “good friend” who listens , gives simple friendly advice but also challenges me to be the best I can. My anxiety has reduced, I am now in control of my life and am on the path to better things. All the goals I wanted to achieve in my 1st meeting I have done in such a short space of time which still hasn’t sunk in, all thanks to Harinder and her simplifying things. The sessions are worth every penny - go live your life and enjoy it !    

It’s difficult to find words that show how much Harinder has helped me and my family through what has felt like the darkest of times. She has supported and guided me (and indirectly the whole family) so that we are now in a safe, positive and happier position. I really enjoy our sessions and come away with ‘tools’ that I have applied to other parts of life – now I feel more in control and less worried about the future. I was desperate and thought I’d lost everything when I first contacted Harinder. Whilst my situation is now a hopeful one, I continue to see her to help navigate the trickier areas of life and weather-proof my mental health.”
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Let me help you by walking this journey with you. Don't be alone when you don't have to. I am here to hold your hand.
Get in touch for a FREE initial consultation.
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